• 0.3 – 0.5 mm aluminium
  • Polyethylene, LDPE-type or mineral-filled polymer (flame-retardant)


With individual décor surfaces ALUCOBOND®design and DIBOND®design accentuate indoor and outdoor applications such as façades, entrance portals and lobbies, canopies, façade strips, totems and pylons. New generation surfaces means architects and designers are able to create their own individual designs and yet retain the advantages and quality of tried and trusted materials. Individual décors, designed to suit customers’ needs, can be produced on request. Due to the high flexibility and the quick realization, small lot sizes are also feasible. The decor effect can also be visualized using a simulation of your building project, at your request.

Additionally, an exemplary design collection has been created in corporation with a design studio, which shows the range of options with ALUCOBOND® design and DIBOND® design in different surface categories: Art / Fashion, 3D effect, Stone / Natura, Carbon, Concrete or Wood effect. The 3D effect and additional colour depth is pivotal in making every single decor so convincing.


  • Light, high bending stiffness, outstanding flatness
  • Individual décor-surfaces
  • Use of premium-quality lacquers
  • Easy bending and milling Ready-to-use product


  • Substructure and fasteners are inexpensive, easy to handle on construction sites
  • Planning and design freedom
  • Guaranteed durability (also in exterior applications)
  • Easy processing with standard tools and procedures
  • No application of adhesive films or additional treatment of the surface necessary

During their life cycle neither ALUCOBOND® nor DIBOND® panels release any substances which are hazardous to the environment. They are completely recyclable and according to RoHS and REACH free of heavy metal. You can find further information regarding the life cycle assessment of these two materials on the previous pages.