• 0.5 mm aluminium
  • Polyethylene, LDPE-type or mineral-filled polymer (flame-retardant)


Original ALUCOBOND® has been one of the most successful image building corporate architecture materials worldwide since 1969. Used for applications such as cladding, totems or canopies, ALUCOBOND® offers architects and designers unlimited freedom for creative, innovative and individual planning. Thanks to the huge colour- and surface variety, availability in every company-specific colour, colour brilliance and guaranteed durability ALUCOBOND® is the premium product for a uniform worldwide brand presence.

ALUCOBOND® has been used to create unique projects communicating values, reference points and experiences in a three-dimensional, spatial and emotional manner. At the same time, it offers sustainability and cost-efficiency at an affordable price.


  • Light, high bending stiffness, outstanding flatness (4 mm ALUCOBOND® is only about half the weight of 3.3 mm solid sheet material with the same bending stiffness)
  • Wide range of colours
  • Consistent colour quality and layer thickness
  • Very high corrosion/weather resistance due to PDVF-coating and the special AlMg1 alloy
  • Vibration-damping
  • Easy to fold and bend
  • Large formats up to 2 050 mm width


  • Substructure and fasteners are inexpensive, easy to handle on construction sites, easy transportation
  • Planning and design freedom Uniform brand presence worldwide
  • Guaranteed durability; improved dirt resistance
  • No sound-absorbing layer (anti-drum coating) necessary
  • Easy processing with standard tools and procedures
  • Short installation time, fixed deadlines, low costs

During the life cycle of ALUCOBOND® composite panels, no environmentally hazardous substances are released at any time. The material is free of CFCs and completely recyclable. All lacquer formulations used contain no heavy metals according to RoHS and REACH. Used as a rear-ventilated façade, ALUCOBOND® considerably enhances a building’s energy audit. High quality standards and longevity underpin the policy of ecological and sustainable architecture. A comparison according to ISO 14040 showed that the life cycle assessment of ALUCOBOND® is on a par with pure aluminium and fibre cement material. The test was carried out on a one-square-metre advertising banner with regard to waste factors, eco-indicators, CO2 emission and primary energy consumption.