LENTICULAR® makes your products stand out by bringing images to life and leaving a lasting impression on consumers. LENTICULAR® is a range of extruded Polyethylene terephthalate Glycol (PETG) sheets specially created for lenticular use. This dynamic technology offers unique opportunities to create dramatic multi-imaging visual effects. These include: creating before and after images; making logos or images leap from the page; presenting animation or action video sequences; adding 3D to graphics or typography and seamlessly changing one image into a completely different one by morphing. LENTICULAR® comes in three qualities: 60LPI, 75LPI and 100LPI, making it suitable for all kinds of standard and special format applications. It is ideal for promotional, packaging and POP display purposes. LENTICULAR® is manufactured from SPECTAR™ PETG, a high-quality material produced by Eastman Chemical Company. Strict quality control and stable production conditions are vital for the production of LENTICULAR® sheet. We focus attention on the key quality criteria of dimensional accuracy, perfectly rectangular sheets and stable flatness.


  • Lenticular technology
  • High brilliance and excellent ink adhesion
  • Recyclable
  • High impact-resistance
  • High-level of chemical-resistance


  • Brings images to life
  • Optimal printing results
  • PET can be 100% recycled
  • Robust in almost any application
  • Can be used in the foodstuffs environment

Not only does LENTICULAR® offer a unique combination of outstanding qualities, it also benefits the environment as PET can be 100% recycled within its own waste category. LENTICULAR® film manufacture is in accordance with strict environmental and quality controls, ensuring consistent product quality and fulfilling the current European Union’s chemicals regulations (REACH) requirements. LENTICULAR® foils do not contain any of the substances which are listed as being “substances of very high concern” (SVHC) in the current ECHA version.

LENTICULAR® has been approved by the FDA/BGA for direct contact with foodstuffs and medical applications.