Sustainability and environmental protection represent an increasingly important topic in corporate identity design. Brands need to communicate dependable values in the field of sustainability. Especially in the case of corporate architecture, decision makers place great emphasis on the use of material which has been produced taking ecological and social factors into account. Increased environmental awareness and the demand for more sustainability are becoming essential criteria in prospective buyer’s decision process.


Sustainable involvement and the appurtenant sub-area environmental protection have long been amongst our fundamental corporate objectives at 3A Composites. The minimization of risks for man and environment as well as the reduction of environmental pollution through careful and efficient utilisation of resources is part of the corporate philosophy. 3A Composites is aware of its responsibility as a globally active enterprise and has been an active campaigner in matters of sustainability for many years. Sustainability management at 3A Composites deals with all three levels of sustainable action in depth: the ecological, social and economic levels. In addition to concrete activities, 3A Composites endeavours to create transparent communication and seeks dialogue with all interest groups.


Our three production sites in Germany and Switzerland have been certified for quite some time in accordance with ISO 14001, which establishes globally recognised requirements for environmental management. A strong linkage of management systems for quality (ISO 9001), environmental protection (ISO 14001) and occupational safety (OHAS 18001) is an important objective for us. This leads to environmental protection tasks being better integrated in the operative processes.

These industry standards are incorporated in a company- wide management system in the field of safety-health- environmental protection. The programme, set up in 2003 as a self-commitment, comprises much more than merely complying with standards and particularly focusses on promoting responsible action by all employees in the realm of safety, health and environmental protection.


In the past few years, the discussion surrounding hazardous substances has intensified and developed into a decision criterion of substantial importance to customers. A comprehensive restructuring of European chemical policy is being undertaken with the current stage by stage introduction of REACH regulations. The main objective of the new regulation is the protection of human health and the environment. These regulations state that there shall be a standardized evaluation of substances with regard to risk potential for man and environment.

Our highest priority is to eliminate all hazardous processes and substances. Our substrates are manufactured from raw materials which present no risk to man or environment. This is confirmed within the REACH regulations.


Another field of action is rendering the production stages as environmentally-friendly as possible. In this connec- tion, our focus lies on resource efficiency and consistent avoidance of waste. The recycling of raw materials in the production process as well as the material utilisation of production waste has been a common practice at our sites for years. The recycling rate for the most important raw materials (in terms of volume) in our production process is virtually 100%.


Innovation also plays a key role in our efforts to reduce environmental pollution. We regard our concern for environmental aspects and the associated efforts to achieve resource efficiency as a fundamental part of our innovation strategy. 3A Composites can look back on a successful history as innovation leader in the improvement of resource efficiency. For the most part, the success story of ALUCOBOND®, DIBOND®, FOREX®, SMART-X® and KAPA® products is founded on efficient utilisation as well as the intelligent combination of materials (foamed materials and composite materials). This leads to optimised product attributes with reduced input of resources.


The fields of action described here show one significant extract from the areas in which we endeavour to meet the demand for sustainability and environmental compatibility. Ethically correct behaviour vis-à-vis man and environment is a basic prerequisite for business enterprises. We take this responsibility very seriously – every day anew!