• 0.3 mm aluminium
  • Polyethylene, LDPE-type mineral or filled polymer (flame-retardant)


DIBOND® was specially developed as the world’s first aluminium composite material for the display and signage markets: ranging from CI-signage, shop-fronts, canopies, totems, interior signage and shop fitting applications. With the wide range of high-quality surfaces, easy processing and longevity, DIBOND® provides the liberty you need for communicating your company’s unique identity.

This means you can create the ideal atmosphere for successful customer communication and a unique, integrated design, one that conveys your brand value to customers.


  • Light, high bending stiffness, outstanding flatness (3 mm DIBOND® is only about half the weight of 2.4 mm solid sheet material with the same bending stiffness) - Wide range of colours
  • High corrosion / weather resistance due to the special AlMg1 alloy and the black core as an UV-blocker
  • Consistent colour quality and layer thickness. Coating has been specially developed for screen printing / direct digital printing and application of adhesive films
  • Easy bending, milling, painting, laminating and printing


  • Substructure and fasteners are inexpensive, high quality appearance for signage, shop fronts and interior design
  • Planning and design freedom; unique and strong corporate branding
  • Unproblematic use for exterior applications
  • Colour brilliance and optimised long-term performance (also for exterior applications)
  • Easy processing with standard tools and procedures

DIBOND®-panels are free of heavy metal according to RoHS and REACH. A technical procedure separates and processes the valuable raw materials (aluminium and polyethylene) in DIBOND®, making DIBOND® fully recyclable. Compared to pure aluminium and DIBOND® shows a notably better life cycle assessment according to ISO 14040. The test was carried out on a one-square-metre advertising banner with regard to the waste factors, eco-indicators, CO2 emission and the primary energy consumption.